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Federico Nutarelli: Expert in Descriptive Analysis

Greetings! I'm Federico Nutarelli, an enthusiastic Assistant Professor in Economics, committed to unraveling the intricate ties between economic theories and the ever-evolving landscape of data science. Join me on a journey marked by scholarly exploration, where the realms of Descriptive Analysis and Forecasting Economic Trends come to life.

Embarking on an Academic Odyssey in Economics and Data Science

I was a postdoc fellow at Bocconi University under the supervision of Prof. Stefano Breschi.

I received my Ph.D. degree in Economics, Networks, and Business Analytics at IMT School for Advanced Studies (Italy) in 2022 under the supervision of Prof. Massimo Riccaboni and Prof. Giorgio Gnecco. Before the Ph.D., I got a degree in Economics at the University of Pisa-Sant'Anna School for Advanced Studies with a thesis on numerical methods for economics.

I am fascinated by machine learning and data science in general together with their applications to innovation, industrial economics, social and health sciences.

Federico Nutarelli: Master of Qualitative Analysis
Federico Nutarelli: Specialist in Descriptive analysis

Reading group

Machine learning and Econometrics techniques.

IMT School for Advanced Studies

Graduate course: Applied Data Science

Sant'Anna School for Advanced Studies

Undergraduate course: Advanced Econometrics

Teaching Experience

Education Journey and Academic Background

My academic odyssey commenced at Sant'Anna School for Advanced Studies, where I earned accolades with a degree in Economics. Subsequently, I delved deeper into the realm of knowledge, pursuing a Master's in Economics Networks Business Analytics at IMT School for Advanced Studies. The pinnacle of my academic pursuits materialized in the form of a Ph.D. in Economics, Networks, and Business Analytics in 2022 from IMT School. Guided by the sagacious Prof. Massimo Riccaboni and Prof. Giorgio Gnecco, my scholarly endeavors encompassed Methods in Statistics, Visualizing Data Graphically, and navigating the nuances of Regulatory Measures for Environmental Protection.

2017 - 2022

IMT School for Advanced Studies

Economics Networks Business Analytics

2015- 2017

Sant'Anna School for Advanced Studies

Economics cum Laude

2012 - 2015

University of Pisa

Business Economics cum Laude

Data Analysis Maestro

Venturing into the specialized domains of Quantitative and Qualitative Research Examination, I offer illuminating insights into the labyrinthine world of economic phenomena. In the dynamic realm of academia, I specialize in the convergence of Economics and Machine Learning, offering insights into visualizing complex data through robust Data visualization best practices. My forte lies in the dynamic sphere of Python-based Machine Learning, where I wield advanced methods in Statistics to craft bespoke solutions. The art of visualizing complex data adheres meticulously to the best practices in Data Visualization.


Contributions Galore

My academic journey includes pivotal contributions to Business Intelligence through Data Analysis and contemplations on Pharmaceutical Industry Outlook. In the dynamic realm of academia, I specialize in the convergence of Economics and Machine Learning, offering insights into visualizing complex data through robust Data visualization best practices. With an unwavering focus on Causal Inference in Industrial Economics, I transcend conventional statistical data analysis, exploring methodologies that redefine boundaries. Academic collaborations and research partnerships stand testament to my endeavors in shaping the future of Economics and Machine Learning.

Bocconi University Affiliation

Presently affiliated with the esteemed Bocconi University, I bring a wealth of experience to the academic tapestry. My role extends beyond the traditional rigors of Economics, encompassing the pragmatic applications of Forecasting Economic Trends and the intricacies of Causal Machine methods.

Forward into the Future

Navigating the complex juncture of economics, data science, and machine learning, my vision extends beyond the horizon. I aspire to continually bridge the chasm between  theoretical economic models and pragmatic applications. Envisage a future where  academic collaborations and innovative methodologies redefine the landscape of  Economic Research Consulting

What people say about Me !

Federico Nutarelli, Ph.D., an expert in Economic Analysis, offers insights into evergreen topics like Economic Forecasting and Data Visualization
Massimo Riccaboni

Professor of Economics, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca

"Federico is one of the best PhD students in our Economics, Networks, and Business Analytics program. His application of Matrix Completion to assess the complexity of countries, particularly in economic contexts, is both novel and promising. I believe his findings will appeal to academics and policymakers, offering valuable insights into economic complexity."

Giorgio Gnecco

Associate Professor in Operations Research, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca

"Federico has impressed me with his scientific curiosity and genuine interest in research. His approach has allowed him to be highly productive in a short period across different topics. I am convinced that he is fully qualified for the position in Applied Economics at Bocconi University."

Step into the reflections of those who have shared this intellectual journey with me, Their words paint a picture of our shared exploration of economic complexities, innovation, and industrial dynamics.

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