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The struggles and opportunities of EU in the pharmaceutical market: ATMPs

In a previous post we explained the importance and the relevance of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs). We did not delve too much, however, into how challenging is to reimburse them.

Since I love data, I would like to give you an idea of how, though being less in number than traditional medicines, ATMPs have a much higher impact on the sales of the indication they refer to with respect to traditional therapies. Let's do this with a picture:

The potential market disruption caused by introducing an ATMP could be significant. To illustrate this, our research conducted a hypothetical scenario analysis comparing the market effects of a sudden ATMP launch versus a traditional therapy introduction. The findings highlight the stark differences in sales impact, underscoring the necessity for well-designed payment structures or funds to manage the entry of these vital medicines into the EU—especially when considering the amplified effect due to patient numbers!

Traditional therapy graph:

ATMP graph:

The confidence intervals represented by vertical lines indicate the range of potential outcomes. When they intersect the x-axis, it suggests no significant impact. The key takeaway from the graph is that ATMPs show a substantial and consistent positive impact, well above the x-axis, unlike traditional medicines, which seem to balance out more quickly due to legislative reimbursement practices.

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