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Exploring the Nexus of Economics, Networks, and Business Analytics

Unraveling Economic Complexity

My name is Federico and I am an Assistant Professor in Economics. 

I am fascinated by machine learning and data science.







My Works In Numbers


2015- 2017

Sant'Anna School for Advanced Studies

Economics cum Laude

2017 - 2022

IMT School for Advanced Studies

Economics Networks Business Analytics

2012 - 2015

University of Pisa

Business Economics cum Laude


Reading group

Machine learning and Econometrics techniques.

IMT School for Advanced Studies

Graduate course: Applied Data Science

Sant'Anna School for Advanced Studies

Undergraduate course: Advanced Econometrics

Teaching Experience


Conference Proceedings (Most recent)

​DRUID22; ASSA 2022; ResPol 4th Edition: "Product recalls, market size and innovation in the pharmaceutical  industry"   

​ASSA 2022: Assessing the Impact of COVID 19 on Trade: a Machine Learning Counterfactual Analysis   

​DRUID23: The determinants of science-based green patents

​Santa Fe (2023): Generalized economic complexity and forecasting competitiveness of global cities using machine learning

Working/submitted papers

​"Optimal pricing strategy for advanced therapies"


​"Ramsey pricing and price of molecules: estimating own and cross elasticities of active principles"


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​"Assessing the Impact of COVID 19 on Trade: a Machine Learning Counterfactual Analysis"  (under review)


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​"A unified principal-agent theory on the price-volume agreement"


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​"Innovation diffusion: a consumer theory approach"


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​"The determinants of science-based green innovation"      


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As a dedicated researcher with a passion for staying current with the latest advancements in Python, I offer specialized and customized data analysis services. What sets these services apart from those typically offered by academicians is my commitment to rapid delivery and direct, personalized engagement with clients.

What Do I Offer?

  • Understanding the dynamic needs of businesses and researchers, I prioritize quick turnaround times without compromising on the quality of the analysis.

  • Each client's needs are unique, and I offer tailored data analysis that precisely fits their specific requirements.

  •  Unlike many academic professionals who might be more detached, I engage directly with my clients to ensure their needs are fully understood and met.

  •  Leveraging my extensive knowledge and up-to-date skills in Python and machine learning, I bring the latest advancements in data analysis to my client's projects.

  • My strong academic background ensures that all analyses are grounded in proven methodologies and robust scientific principles.

While my primary role is in academia, focusing on innovation in the pharmaceutical industry and the application of machine learning in economics, I have cultivated a unique niche in providing bespoke data analysis solutions. These services are characterized by:

This blend of academic rigor, customized service, direct client interaction, and a commitment to using the latest techniques in Python and data analysis makes my offerings distinct in the field of data analytics, particularly appealing to those who value precision, personalization, and the latest technological insights.

What people say about Me !

Massimo Riccaboni

Professor of Economics, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca

"Federico is one of the best PhD students in our Economics, Networks, and Business Analytics program. His application of Matrix Completion to assess the complexity of countries, particularly in economic contexts, is both novel and promising. I believe his findings will appeal to academics and policymakers, offering valuable insights into economic complexity."

Giorgio Gnecco

Associate Professor in Operations Research, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca

"Federico has impressed me with his scientific curiosity and genuine interest in research. His approach has allowed him to be highly productive in a short period across different topics. I am convinced that he is fully qualified for the position in Applied Economics at Bocconi University."

Step into the reflections of those who have shared this intellectual journey with me, Their words paint a picture of our shared exploration of economic complexities, innovation, and industrial dynamics.

My articles, blogs and insights in several areas of my life and business.

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